Selecting the Correct English Bulldog Puppy for Your Family

Selecting the Correct English Bulldog Puppy for Your Family



At Bruiser Bulldogs we like to take a macro approach to understanding our adoption process and how we view the variables that dictate whether our bulldog and adopter relationships are eventually “good”, “bad” or somewhere in between those extremes.  After health, the most important factor within a bulldog puppy and an adopter relationship is personality fit.  We believe that every bulldog is a perfect fit for some family, BUT every bulldog does not fit well with any family.  It is extremely important to understand each specific bulldog personality and also the family they potentially could be paired with.  


Appropriate personality fit can avoid the obvious disasters such as placing a submissive, low energy bulldog puppy in a high energy, crazy household that is always on the move.  It also avoids placing a high energy, dominant bulldog in the home of a 65 year old, empty nest couple with an existing dominant dog.  More often though, personality fit will move the needle in homes that are not so obvious.  The grey area of personality fit is where we are currently focused on.  It is quite possible that a family that likes their dog, but never reaches the ultimate bond of human and canine companionship might be held back by personality compatibility but never realize it.  In this type of reality, we are not only seeking to avoid adoption disasters, but also improve adopter/bulldog relationships on the margins that might not be cognizant in the first place.  Sometimes you simply don’t know what you haven’t experienced.  It is our job to spread awareness about how impactful a harmonious personality fit can really be between an adopter and their canine companion.        


The starting line in improving adoption fit, is understanding each bulldog and its individual personality.  We do this through a process called personality profiling.  Essentially, personality profiling is taking physical notes of each puppy’s characters that begin to show up around 2 weeks of age.  We track characteristics like energy, confidence, and dominance levels that are typically consistent throughout the life of the bulldog.  These characteristics are used to build a model that projects what type of bulldog eventually the puppy will become.   The process does take a considerable amount of time and energy, but we believe it is well worth the effort. 


Once we have built a personality profile and understand the characteristics of each English Bulldog puppy for sale, it is all about finding families that are good matches.  During our interview process we focus on dynamics like existing dogs, age of adopters, and number of children.  Essentially, we create an adopter profile that we can compare to our puppy’s personalities and make appropriate recommendations based on fit.  Ultimately, each family has the ability to choose the puppy they like, but the decision is an informed one with the background of information that we provide. 


We challenge you to compare the Bruiser Bulldog personality profiling process to that of a pet store or backyard breeder that is simply “selling puppies”.  The models of these types of operations are focused on maximizing puppies out the door and sales.  There is little to no consideration about personality fit because the focus has very little to do with maximizing adoption success.  Eventually this type of model will go out of style as adopters are beginning to learn that purchasing a puppy is a little more complicated that previously assumed.  As responsible English Bulldog Breeders we believe personality profiling as an underrepresented key to improving bulldog/adopter relationships the will dictate long term success.