Proven, Healthy Genetics

At our core, we are driven to create genetically healthy bulldog puppies that are designed to thrive from the moment they leave the womb throughout their adult life. Through a lifelong dedication to bloodline development, our bulldogs are known for their unique breathing ability, sound joint structures, and healthy eyes.

Expertise in Semen Handling and Collection

By using industry leading equipment and expertise, we guarantee all of our clients will receive their chilled semen in great shape with excellent motility levels and high sperm count.

Next Day Delivery

We prefer sending our chilled semen through UPS Next Day Air delivery service. By using progesterone testing and great communication, we can collect and ship the semen to you on the day of ovulation.

Gorgeous Offspring

We only use studs that produce gorgeous, marketable puppies. Our studs are known to produce puppies with wide heads, thick chests, and great jaw lines.

OFA & AKC Certified

All of our studs are OFA certified for their heart, trachea, and patellar tendons. They are AKC registered as well.

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English Bulldog Stud Service

*Stud Service Deposit is $300

(final payment and shipping are due the day of shipment)


Bruiser’s Carbool “Bull”

Stud Fee $800

Color: Chocolate Sable

English Bulldog stud Service



Bull represents a new generation of Bruiser Bulldog genetics that fulfills our end vision of both functionality and bully aesthetic.  Pairing a thick structure with a huge head allows Bull to pull off what we believe is a perfect look.  What makes Bull such a rare find is that he still maintains the breathability and health credentials that a Bruiser Bulldog is known for. 


Breathability: 9.5/10

Eyes: 10/10

Athleticism: 7/10

Head Size: 10/10

Personality Description: Very Laid Back

Color: Chocolate Sable


Bull offspring

Bruiser’s Pumba

Color: Blue Fawn Sable

Stud Fee $800

During our journey to improve the English Bulldog breed we have come to realize it is essential to expand the potential genetic pool outside the U.S. occasionally.  By moving out of the domestic U.S., we are able to introduce new bloodlines that are dramatically less related than their U.S. counterparts. 

Pumba is our South American Stud.  Hailing from Columbia, Pumba represents the type of bulldog that Bruiser Bulldogs is known for.  His athleticism and breathability are second to none and general health characteristics are unblemished.  If you are looking to access healthy bulldog genetics, Pumba is the answer.  Additionally, his personality is joyful and goofy.  He will always make you smile with his bulldog shenanigans.


Breathability: 10/10


Athleticism: 10/10

Head Size: 8.5/10

Personality Description: Friendly and never a dull moment

Color: Blue Fawn Sable




Pumba offspring

Bruiser’s Rocky

Color: Red & White

Stud Fee $800

We use Rocky to provide a more robust, classic Bulldog type look that is still healthy.  The English Bulldog aesthetic is as much art as science, and occasionally we need to swing the Bruiser Bulldog genetic pendulum towards that classic look.  While Rocky is not quite as athletic as some of our other Bruiser studs, he is great for adopters that desire a robust, boxy head with classic English Bulldog stature.  Rocky’s personality is excellent.  We would label him a very people oriented bulldog that loves to exist by your side and “do” life with you.  He energy is level is moderate to low and he is quite laid back with plenty of bulldog quirk mixed in. 

Breathability: 8.5/10

Eyes: 10/10

Athleticism: 7/10

Head Size: 9/10

Personality Description: People oriented and calm

Color: Red & White


Rocky offspring

Bruiser’s Buddah

Color: Blue Fawn Sable

Stud Fee $800

The first thing that comes to mind when considering Buddah is his physical build.  He is an absolute specimen of a bulldog.  Combining both Athleticism and Muscle, it is rare for a bulldog to move so well with so much bulk.  Equally unique is his health characteristics.  He is an excellent breather with great eyes.  He throws puppies very similar to his physique.  Buddah’s personality makes sense with his build –  calm and laid back with a touch of playful spunk.


Breathability: 9/10

Eyes: 10/10

Athleticism: 8/10

Head Size: 10/10

Personality Description: Laid back and playful. One cool bulldog!

Color: Blue Fawn Sable


Buddah Offspring


English Bulldog Breeding & Whelping Consultation/Coaching

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