Pets and Your New English Bulldog Puppy


The English Bulldog breed is typically friendly to other animals and should get along with any existing pets within the household. It is important to correctly introduce and monitor your new Bulldog to your existing pets.

You will want to utilize the crate when first introducing your new bulldog to your current dog. Let them smell each other and interact. After the first day of introductions, you are free to let the two meet face to face. For those owners of multiple pets, it is best to introduce the pets one at a time in the same method starting with the Alpha dog or cat



English bulldog socialization



 When introducing face to face, hold the introduction on a neutral setting such as the backyard or family room. You want to make your existing pets as comfortable as possible towards the new addition. Certainly avoid introductions near a food dish and make sure all feedings are in separate rooms until you can trust all of the pets together.  


Assure your existing pets that they will not have to sacrifice for the new puppy. During the first introductory week, ensure that all the pets have plenty to eat, do not have to sacrifice their own toys for the puppy and receive the same amount of attention they had before the puppy arrived. Never leave one of your existing pets out during this introduction period.  The new bulldog needs to understand it needs to fit into the already existing social order of the household and the family needs to treat all pets as equals after the new addition. 


pets and your  English bulldog Puppy