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As English Bulldog breeders we have been raising English Bulldog puppies for over a decade.  When you do something you love it simply becomes part of your lifestyle and the daily tasks that could be considered a job are more a labor of love.  Raising bulldogs is simply what we do and we never get tired of those quirky personalities.  It’s fascinating to appreciate the diversity of bulldog personalities that we are able to enjoy over the years.

By integrating our bulldogs into our lifestyle, our English Bulldogs are able to develop into more complete animals.  We are able to focus on both their genetic and mental wellbeing by providing a family centered environment that is focused on socialization development.  This type of comprehensive development engages each English Bulldog through stimuli such as child engagement, canine interaction and exercise play time.  Our dogs are healthier and more socialized because of the stimuli they receive by being simply integrated into our family’s lifestyle.



Greetings from the Wysongs! Northern Indiana based, Bruiser Bulldogs offers purebred English Bulldog Puppies for sale to loving adopters seeking to find a higher quality English Bulldog.  As English Bulldog breeders, Mitch and Erica Wysong have dedicated themselves to a lifelong journey of changing the culture and societal pressures of poor breeding practices within the English Bulldog Community.

Mitch and Erica believe in producing a healthy English Bulldog puppy first and foremost.  Through years of research and development, Bruiser Bulldogs is leading a new movement away from the overdone, wrinkled bulldog that has been long plagued by health problems. By embracing a healthier, more athletic look they are able to ensure that each and every English Bulldog Puppy for sale by Bruiser Bulldogs is supported by a platform of health tested, clean genetics.

Upon adoption, each family that takes on the responsibility of a Bruiser Bulldog enters into an active and vibrant communal family of bulldog owners.  Mitch and Erica believe it is their responsibility to provide emotional and mental support for the lifetime of each and every English Bulldog puppy they produce.  To ensure the success of every adoption, Bruiser Bulldogs will always be committed to helping  Bruiser Bulldog adopters care for their English Bulldogs to the best of their ability.

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