English Bulldog Females

These females represent the very beginning of our bloodlines and are the direct ancestors of most of the bruiser bulldog puppies we currently produce.

Each bulldog shown below represents the total package that we look for in a female bulldog.  If you look closely you will notice similarities within each bulldog that shed light into our breeding philosophies. First, we reject the idea that the bulldog should have a heavy nose rope, deep wrinkle features, saggy skin or eyes. While these are often very popular features, they certainly do not promote healthy English Bulldogs and often cause breathing and skin issues. All of our female bulldogs have light wrinkle sets that promote functionality and ease of breathing. We are also partial to a bulldog with a good metabolism and athletic frame. These features reduce the weight and pressure on the hips and joints, which can be a weakness of the breed. It is no secret that we owe much of our success to the line of dogs that we have chosen to care for and bloodlines that we have developed. This is one of the key factors that separate us from other English Bulldog breeders that simply focus on kicking out “cute” bulldog puppies.



English Bulldog female




Female English Bulldog




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