Introducing Your Children to your New English Bulldog Puppy


A family dog and children are naturally a great combination. A loving, faithful, and fun English bulldog puppy for sale can mean the world to a child. To foster this kind of relationship, we like to create to proper environment for both the child and puppy to become best friends.


children and bulldogs2

Preparing Your Children for the English Bulldog Puppy
Bulldog puppies are exciting for both adults and children! It is important that the entire family prepares for the new arrival both mentally and physically. The first rule when preparing for a bulldog is that everyone should participate. The entire family needs to understand the breed and prepare to care for the new bulldog puppy. One of the best ways to start preparing for a new bulldog puppy is to purchase and obedience book that details the best ways to begin training your bulldog. One of my personal favorites is “Imagine Life with a Well Behaved Dog” by Julie Bjelland. Regardless of the book, you should begin discussing the proper ground rules for raising a well behaved puppy. Your children should understand the “puppy rules” before bringing the new bulldog puppy home with you. Children should understand how to handle a puppy and that the crate is always a safe haven of escape for the new puppy. Participation can also extend to English bulldog care for children. Younger children can gently play with and socialize the young bulldog while older children can be assigned to chores such as feeding or bathing the bulldog.
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Introducing Bulldog Puppy to your Children

It is important to create a positive first impression between both puppy and child when introducing them. Introductions should always be supervised and guided. Children should be calm and under controlled and understand that they do not want to scare the new puppy. “One great way to go about introducing the new bulldog is to hold the puppy while letting the children get acquainted and gently touch the new addition. Children should be taught to never pull, hit or rough house with the new puppy in any way. A bulldog puppy that is abused by children at a young age can develop psychological scars that will plague it the rest of their life. Growing up with a bulldog puppy is a great learning experience for children of all ages and is truly a great experience for the entire family. As an English Bulldog breeder our greatest joy is to see happy kids with a well socialized bulldog!
children and bulldogs