How to stop English Bulldog Puppy Play Biting


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Part of our comprehensive socialization program to our English Bulldog breeding program is our No Bite rule which counters a puppy’s natural tendency to playfully chew on hands and feet. It is important to teach all puppies that it is not socially acceptable to bite a human even if it is play. Puppies leaving our house certainly are not a finished social product and the No Bite rule needs to be implemented in the puppy’s new environment.


English bulldog puppies are extremely oral as they investigate the new wonders of life. It seems every new thing must be chewed, tasted or licked before the bulldog is satisfied. This is simply the way a bulldog learns. English Bulldog puppies for sale often will chew and bite their littermates as a form of play. When one puppy bites another puppy too hard, the puppy will yelp and let it be known that the bite was too hard! 


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Imitating this social rule among puppies is a great way to implement the No Bite rule. If your new bulldog puppy begins chewing on your hands, simply yell out a sharp “OUCH!” to let them know the bite hurt and they should not do this again.



Another great No Bite technique is to use your other hand to point at the puppy and discourage them from biting you. Tell the puppy in a low, firm voice to “STOP” and then praise the puppy when they have released the hand. This is a classic positive/negative enforcement method that is very effective. One of the great aspects of this method is that it indirectly establishes a dominant relationship with your bulldog puppy where they understands who is in control of the situation and relationship. 



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