English Bulldogs For Sale – What to look for in a Bulldog Breeder (2023)

English Bulldogs for Sale – What to Look For in a Bulldog Breeder




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When purchasing an English Bulldogs for Sale it is important to know the correct things to look for in a breeder.  Here at Bruiser Bulldogs, we have learned to lean on a certain set of values that over time, have allowed us to consistently produce a higher quality bulldog.  We believe there are many different factors and nuances that separate average from high quality bulldog breeders.  While it is difficult, a certain vetting process should always be considered when selecting a new bulldog puppy.  The following characteristics can act a sounding board to possibly separate a high quality breeder from an average one. 




   1. Health Characteristics – We believe the most impactful value set a breeder can have to impact the quality of English Bulldog puppy is proper health check screening.  We believe in implementing strict health checks for all of our parent bulldogs that could be potential producers.  We use a combination of both of our bulldog vet’s health checks as well as our own more stringent health criteria.  A Bruiser Bulldog parent should always be able to breath well, this includes a wide trachea, proper soft palate and wide nares.  We also look for bulldog parents with clean eyes.  Entropion, ectropian, cherry eye, and optic cilia are all serious eye issue that plague the breed.




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      2. Bloodline Development – This characteristic allows for the factor of time multiplying the effects of good breeding practices.  We have seen the progress of bloodlines development as we have continue to breed bulldogs.  We certainly have better bulldogs now than we have 8 years ago, despite implementing almost the exact same health requirements over the entire period.  Genetics are slow moving and are only probability predictors.  Over the course of time, proper breeding practices can develop superior bloodlines.  Time x Health Screening = Bloodline Development.  This is simply the benefit of compounding.  Theoretically, over the course of enough time, bloodline development can eliminate health issues entirely.   When looking for an English Bulldog Puppy for Sale, look for a breeder that has been breeding for at least 10 years and also values health screening and holding back off spring to produce breeding adults. 








   3. Experience – “You do not know, what you do not know”.  What a true saying!  There is just something about being devoted to a craft for an extended amount of time.  The criteria of experience simply cannot be understated.  Experience allows for a better understanding of health issues.  It allows for time and bloodline development.  Not so obviously, experience allows for a more mature handling of the unexpected.  Here at Bruiser Bulldogs, we have well oiled customer service protocals and answers for common questions adopters face.  Our vacination protocals and bio security standards have improved over the years.  We have improved our socialization programs and created bulldogs that are more adept to new circumstances.  There are very few suprises after 15 years of improvement.  Experience creates a better bulldog and a more prepared adopter.




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     4. Socialization Program – We believe that a proper socialization program is the cherry on top of a high quality English Bulldog Puppy.  We lean on some form of unique social experiences for a proper socialization program.  This type of socialization program at times is called, The Rule of 7.  Essentially, the goal of this type of program is to introduce the bulldog puppy to as many unique experiences as possible.  Exposure allows the puppy to build confidence and proper experience for future experiences they will face as adults.  







  5. Good Reviews – This one is easy!  One of the benefits of the internet age is reviews.  Typically, a poor breeder will eventually accumulate quite the reputation online.  Bulldog owners are passionate and an irresponsible breeder will often be exposed by online reviews.  Unfortunately puppy brokers like Puppy Spot have enough marketing funds to allow bad breeders to hide behind their name.  For this reason, adopters should like for private breeders that own and operate their own website.  This type of model will essentially separate the responsible and irresponsible breeders over the course of time and exposure.  



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Mitch and Erica Wysong, owners of Bruiser Bulldogs, are AKC English Bulldog breeders dedicated to producing healthy English bulldog puppies for sale.  They have been involved in breeding and advocating for the English Bulldog breed for well over a decade.  Located in Northern Indiana, Bruiser Bulldogs strives to produce healthy English bulldog puppies for sale by utilizing their vast experience and knowledge within the breed.  They focus on health testing each parent to ensure each potential candidate is fit to be bred.  Additionally, health records are kept and analyzed to track the genetic makeup of their AKC English bulldog bloodlines in an effort to eliminate recessive genetic health problems such as small tracheas, elongated soft palates and common eye issues within the bulldog breed.  Mitch and Erica believe it’s important produce a healthy English Bulldog for sale and are committed to improving the breed that they love.  Bruiser Bulldog also believes in socializing their bulldog puppies before they go home to their adopters.  Each English Bulldog puppy undergoes an extensive socialization program that introduces them to experiences and environments that prepare them for their future homes.  Bruiser Bulldog puppies are well rounded and socially balanced in an effort to give them a proper foundation in their new home.