English Bulldog Puppies For Sale

Bruiser Bulldogs is home to responsibly raised, high quality English Bulldog Puppies. We are English Bulldog Breeders located in Northern Indiana and are dedicated to breeding health tested, well rounded English Bulldog puppies for loving families around the country. Known for the “healthy bulldog“, we have dedicated our breeding program to developing bulldogs that breathe well and avoid the health problems that plague many within the breed. Contact us today and we can begin a conversation about your new English Bulldog companion!



Available Puppies

Mitch and Erica Wysong, owners of Bruiser Bulldogs, are English Bulldog breeders dedicated to producing healthy English bulldog puppies for sale.  They have been involved in breeding and advocating for the English Bulldog breed for well over a decade.  Located in Northern Indiana, Bruiser Bulldogs strives to produce healthy English bulldog puppies for sale by utilizing their vast experience and knowledge within the breed.  They focus on health testing each parent to ensure each potential candidate is fit to be bred.  Additionally, health records are kept and analyzed to track the genetic makeup of their English bulldog bloodlines in an effort to eliminate recessive genetic health problems such as small tracheas, elongated soft palates and common eye issues within the bulldog breed.  Mitch and Erica believe it’s important produce a healthy English Bulldog for sale and are committed to improving the breed that they love.  Bruiser Bulldog also believes in socializing their bulldog puppies before they go home to their adopters.  Each English Bulldog puppy undergoes an extensive socialization program that introduces them to experiences and environments that prepare them for their future homes.  Bruiser Bulldog puppies are well rounded and socially balanced in an effort to give them a proper foundation in their new home.