What are Pinched Nostrils?

The pinched nostril problem


Most English Bulldogs have Stenotic nares, or pinched nostrils. Pinched nostrils mean that their nostril opening is very small or pinched together. This small amount of space can easily lead to difficulty breathing. Unfortunately, this has become a side effect of the approach of traditional bulldog breeders.



Why it is an issue?


Restricted airflow can spell disaster for bulldogs. Years of breeding have created multiple different health problems for bulldogs. Such as narrow tracheas and elongated soft palates. Those problems combined with their pinched nostrils mean that it doesn’t take much for them to have trouble breathing.

This is exactly what we don’t want in our dogs. At Bruiser Bulldog’s, we strive to be healthy English Bulldog breeders, and we have put a lot of time and effort into making sure our dogs are healthy. We make sure that we have the best English Bulldogs for sale so that you don’t see these problems in our dogs. You can see in pictures of our studs that they have wide, open nostrils that allow air to pass freely.

How Bulldog breeders can fix pinched nostrils

This is Stark one of our studs, he has perfect nostrils! 



How can bulldog breeders fix pinched nostrils?


For puppies who already suffer from pinched nostrils, they may widen as they get older. For older dogs, many vets will recommend surgery to widen the nostrils. This helps bulldogs breathe, but it’s also potentially dangerous. 

Pinched nostrils have become such a problem that many vets have the policy to recommend the surgery for every bulldog, even if their nostrils are wide enough.

The only other way to fix it is to breed a dog for health. We have spent twelve years as bulldog breeders breeding healthier bulldogs, and we’re still working to make them better. Problems like this don’t go away easily, but with time and consistency come change, and that is exactly what we’re working towards.

Ultimately, our goal is to breed healthy English Bulldogs who don’t have health risks like pinched nostrils to hold them back from the best quality of life.