Proven, Healthy Genetics

At our core, we are driven to create genetically healthy bulldog puppies that are designed to thrive from the moment they leave the womb throughout their adult life. Through a lifelong dedication to bloodline development, our bulldogs are known for their unique breathing ability, sound joint structures, and healthy eyes.

Expertise in Semen Handling and Collection

By using industry leading equipment and expertise, we guarantee all of our clients will receive their chilled semen in great shape with excellent motility levels and high sperm count.

Next Day Delivery

We prefer sending our chilled semen through UPS Next Day Air delivery service. By using progesterone testing and great communication, we can collect and ship the semen to you on the day of ovulation.

Gorgeous Offspring

We only use studs that produce gorgeous, marketable puppies. Our studs are known to produce puppies with wide heads, thick chests, and great jaw lines.

OFA Certified

All of our studs are OFA certified for their heart, trachea, and patellar tendons.

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Bruiser’s Iron Man “Stark”

(Rare Color: Chocolate)

DNA: b/b, D/d, N/N, ay/at, N/S


Stark is a 4th generation Bruiser Bulldog. He weighs in at an athletic 55lbs with very nice muscle tone.

Breeders should consider a Stark Stud service if they are looking for:

1.  Clean genetics: both dominant and recessive genes. Being a 4th generation Bruiser Bulldog, we know his genetics very well.  Great eyes, great breathing ability, no water puppy or cleft palate issues

2.  Athleticism.  Stark is our most athletic stud.  He can run, walk and play for hours.

3.  Rare Colors. Carries both the chocolate (bb) and tri gene (at).

4.  Playful personality

Stud Fee $700


Stark’s Offspring

stark offspring

Bruiser’s Top Gun “Maverick”


Mav along with his dad, Swayze, have been the pillars of our breeding program.  His genetics and offspring have proven to be top of the quality, healthy, and carrying great personalities.  Mav is a smaller stud, weighing in at 42 lbs.

Breeders should consider a Maverick Stud Service if they are looking for:

1. Smaller structure.  Maverick weighs in at 42 lbs and 13.5 inches at the withers.  His pups will often be as small as 30 to 35 lbs.

2. Proven Genetics.  After 35 plus litters he has proven to consistently throw healthy pups with great personalities.

3. Classic bulldogs look.  Maverick passes the eye test while still maintaining great health specs.

Stud fee $700


Maverick’s Offspring

mav offspring

Bruiser’s Dirty Dancer “Swayze”

Maverick’s Dad


PicMonkey Collage


 Swayze Offspring