Things we love about raising bulldogs

Who we are and why we are the authority on the English Bulldog Breed

We have devoted the last 15 years to improving the health of the English Bulldog breed in the United States. Instead of following the current unhealthy breed standards, we set out to change the breed for the better, focusing on lighter wrinkle sets, slightly longer snouts and extensive health testing. Through years of dedication we have been able to significantly improve the health characteristics within our bloodlines and give hope to the breed that health improvements are possible. Along the way, we have also become thought leaders in proper bulldog training, care and behavioral studies.

We love Bulldogs. Working with bulldogs has been amazing for us in so many ways. We love the challenge of improving the breed. We also appreciate the opportunity to connect and bond with like-minded people over our love of Bulldogs.

The dogs

The main reason we love breeding bulldogs is the dogs themselves. There are lots of cute and loveable breeds, but we like to say, once you fall for the smushed face, you never go back.

We’ve always loved bulldogs, and with their cute faces, and goofy personalities, it would be hard to say no. 

There aren’t many people who can spend the day with dogs as part of their job, but we are lucky.

Our kids

Breeding bulldogs also allows us to spend more time at home with our kids, which is infinitely valuable to us. They get to watch us work, and in doing that, we teach lessons about working hard and enjoying your work.

We get to incorporate work, play, and family time, and they get to grow up surrounded by puppies.

A greater purpose

Part of the reason we are so passionate about bulldogs is because we want to help the breed. We work on breathability, better eyes, and healthier joints.

At this point, we have approximately seven generations of bulldogs under our care. Things have improved so much since we started, but we are still watching for problems in our bloodlines. We have had to stop breeding certain bloodlines when we see problems we can’t fix.

It’s disappointing, but we never want to continue down a path that will cause more problems.

It’s a huge challenge, but we enjoy working through the problems as they come up and finding solutions. We enjoy seeing our bloodlines slowly improve.

The people 

One of the best parts of a job like ours is the people we work with. Our adopters have become a community of people who share our passion for Bulldogs.

Some adopters have connected with us for years, sending us photos and updates of their bulldogs.

We’ve even had people who adopted one bulldog come back ten years later when they were ready to adopt their second bulldog.

It is valuable to us. Both seeing how the bulldogs do in the long term, and maintaining these relationships. 

There will always be days when this job gets difficult or hard. However, this job has been a blessing for ourselves, and our family, and we hope for our adopters.