Should my Bulldog go to obedience class?

Obedience class and bulldogs for the best family dog


When it is time to go to obedience class

Obedience class is a must for English Bulldogs. A dog who has been through an obedience class is a very well-behaved family dog.  A dog that hasn’t been to obedience class can cause problems in its new home. We want our dogs to be the best fit possible with their families. The English bulldog can be a great family dog. Part of what goes into making sure they become the great family dogs they can be is taking them to obedience class and making sure they become well trained.


Ideally, English Bulldog puppies should start Obedience classes as soon as they have all their vaccinations. All of our puppies get vaccinated while are with us. They should continue their vaccinations at home with their new family, and finish when they are fifteen weeks old. If it’s possible, they should start the class after they finish their last vaccination. We recommend setting up an obedience class ahead of time so that you can get started as soon as possible.


Where you take obedience classes will depend on where you live, what classes you can afford, and how extensive you want their training to be.

If you have friends with bulldogs, they can be a great source of recommendations and help. If not, it’s easy to find reviews and suggestions online.

Remember, the most important thing is that they take an obedience class. If you can’t afford the best obedience class, that’s okay. As long as they take a class, it doesn’t have to be the most prestigious one.

Once you start classes, make sure you practice what you learn at home. If you tolerate bad behavior, it will cause problems later. If you put in the time to train your puppy, you will end up with a well-behaved family dog.