English Bulldog Puppies for Sale Near Philadelphia 


Bruiser Bulldogs - English Bulldog Puppies for Sale


We have English Bulldog Puppies for Sale!  As English Bulldog Breeders located in Northern Indiana, we are within driving distance from Philadelphia, PA.  At Bruiser Bulldogs we specialize in breeding healthy bulldogs! Our bulldogs are able to run, play and live a long healthy functional life. For a decade, Philly families have adopted Bruiser Bulldog English Bulldogs due to their health and ability to thrive in the city or country, they truly are a wonderful family dog.  From the summer heat, walks around the block, to play sessions in the park a Bruiser Bulldog is truly built for life in Philadelphia.

All of our English Bulldog puppies for sale undergo a rigorous socialization program that ensures they are equipped for the plethora of new experiences.  Parents are known for trademark bruiser bulldog breathability and must complete a series of health exams to ensure their offspring maintain the high quality characteristics we are known for. 

As English Bulldog breeders located not too far from Philadelphia, we find that many potential adopters located in the Philly are interested in our breeding program.  If you are looking for a English Bulldog puppy, feel free to contact and start a conversation about our adoption process. If you do decide we are a good fit, we are just a short roundtrip away!