Do You Need Pet Insurance For Your Bulldog?

The Inconvenient Necessity of English Bulldog Pet Insurance



We haven’t always recommended pet insurance for our English Bulldog Puppies for Sale. However, as it becomes more common, and vet bills become more expensive, it is very helpful.

Now, as responsible English Bulldog breeders we recommend that you consider getting pet insurance. It is very much worth looking into.


What is pet insurance?

Insurance for your pet is just like health insurance for you. You pay a monthly bill, and they will pay for your Bulldog’s veterinary care. Depending on your plan, they could cover a wide range of services or just emergency care.


Do you need Pet Insurance?

Whether you need pet insurance or not depends a lot on the circumstances. We strive to raise bulldogs that won’t need medical intervention. But, even in ideal situations, disaster can still happen, and you need to be prepared for it.

The cost of veterinary care has been rising. In a worst-case scenario, an accident or illness could cost upwards of two thousand dollars to treat.

The cost of an accident like that will depend on your area. You probably don’t need pet insurance if you have access to affordable veterinary care.

If you have a bulldog with health problems, live somewhere veterinary care is expensive, or can’t afford to pay large bills all at once, this might be the solution.


When should you get Insurance?

If you can, having insurance throughout your dog’s life is ideal. There is always a chance of an accident, and it is better to be prepared. If you want to limit their insurance coverage to the times when they are at the most risk, we recommend the first and last years of their life. Those aren’t the only years they are at risk, but it is when the risk is highest.


You may not need it, but there are a lot of factors affecting both your pet’s health and the cost of their care. Whether you choose to have pet insurance or not, make sure you’ve considered all your options.