City Life and Bulldogs

Do English Bulldogs Thrive In City Life?

Is your bulldog eating too fast


English Bulldogs have a moderate temperament that makes them ideal for city life and apartment living. They also have lower exercise needs than other breeds, which allows them to thrive in small homes. However, even with a dog well suited for apartment living, there are a few things to consider.

Helping your Bulldog thrive

1. Daily exercise

Even though bulldogs are low-energy, they still need daily exercise to stay mentally and physically healthy. 

Not getting enough exercise can cause dogs to develop anxiety, have increased energy, and have more destructive tendencies.

Life in the city means a smaller living space, which can make it difficult to help your dog get enough exercise. Taking your dog out for walks, or hiring a dog walker is a great way to get some exercise in.

2. Social Interaction

As your Bulldog grows, make sure you expose them to a wide variety of experiences and people. The more experiences they have, the more likely they will become well-rounded bulldogs. There are lots of ways to introduce your Bulldog to new experiences.

      – Introduce them to friends and family.

      -If you know someone with children, have them over so your dog can become comfortable with kids.

      -Introduce them to other dogs.

      -Take them to parks or other dog-friendly public spaces.

      -Hire a dog walker. 

3. Balancing city life and Bulldog care

If you’ll be away from home during the day, it’s a good idea to find someone to take care of your dog while you’re not there.


Dog walkers

Hiring a dog walker has lots of advantages such as an extra person in your dog’s social circle, a wider range of experiences, and the chance to go potty during the day.


Doggy daycare

Doggy daycare can be an excellent option for taking care of your dog during the day, but it can also have serious problems.

A good doggy daycare can provide your dog with mental stimulation, new experiences, and a wider social circle.

If a doggy daycare isn’t run well, your dog could catch a disease or be the victim of peer aggression from the other dogs. 

If you decide to use a daycare, spend some time making sure it has quality facilities, and enough staff to take care of all the dogs. Once you’ve found a daycare you trust, your puppy can go when they are twelve weeks old and fully vaccinated.


There is no reason a Bulldog can’t thrive in an apartment. As long as you understand your dog’s needs and care for them responsibly, they can enjoy life in the city just as much as you.