Interdigital Cysts and Bulldogs

How to Identify and Treat Interdigital Cysts in Bulldogs




Interdigital cysts:  (growth between the toes) Soft to firm fluid-filled swellings that form in the web of skin between the toes. Occasionally, these cysts will rupture or discharge their fluid.

Many of you bully lovers have noticed small, wart-like cysts that pop up between one of your bulldog’s toes. It is first important to remember that these cysts, while troublesome, are not a critical threat to your bulldog’s life. This being said, cysts should be treated and avoided like any other bulldog health concern.
Some veterinarians think that a cyst is really a fungus that forms between the toes. Other experts believe they arise from a foreign object entering the skin. While we have experienced many interdigital cysts, we cannot say for certain the cause of each cyst, although we lean towards the “foreign object theory”.

Regardless, you still have a bulldog that has an odd-looking growth and you want it to go away! We do not want to diminish the importance of finding the cause. However, finding the exact source of the cyst might be difficult, and you may never see the problem again.



If you have found what you believe to be an interdigital cyst, do not sweat! You can do treatment from home and typically see physical improvement within a week. We recommend soaking your bully’s paws in Epsom salt for 10 minutes 2-3 times a day. The easiest way to do this is to fill your bathtub with a few inches of water and have your bully stand with all four paws in the water.

You will need to closely monitor your bulldog and ensure your bully does not drink the water! Another option is to apply Panalog cream to the cyst after the Epsom soak. In most cases, the growth will usually clear up on its own after a few days but if it persists or gets infected we recommend that you seek veterinarian help as your bully might need antibiotics.
In summary, interdigital cysts are incredibly hard to prevent, but proper treatment and a daily physical examination of your bulldog will keep the cysts in check. At Bruiser Bulldogs, we regularly check the underside of our bulldogs’ paws to make sure they are clean and have no puncture marks (from stones, branches, blades of grass basically anything they could step on while playing).

If a foreign substance is seen, take the proper steps to remove the object and clean the area. We also watch for any signs of allergies, ingrown hairs, or any other irritation in their paws. Through a combination of proper bulldog care and treatment knowledge, interdigital cysts will not slow your bulldog down!