How to Give Your Bulldog Puppy a Bath

How to give your bulldog puppy a bath

Once your new puppy is home, you’re going to need to start giving them baths. It’s not just to keep them clean, it’s also a valuable socialization tool. The more consistent you are with bath time now, the easier it will be to give your bulldog puppy a bath as they get older.

Getting ready

Before you start, make sure you have everything you need right next to the sink or bathtub where you intend to bathe your dog. It’s not safe to leave a puppy alone in the sink, and no one wants to carry around a wet dog while they search for the shampoo. 

What you’ll need will depend on your bathtime routine, but the things we use are:

  • A mat to keep your puppy from slipping
    • We use a bathmat cut to the size of our sink, but a towel will work.
  • Shampoo
    • We recommend Perfect Coat. We use it for all our puppies and have not seen any allergic reactions.
  • Ear wash
  • A bath thermometer
  • A cup or sink sprayer
  • Lukewarm water

Bathing process

  1. With your puppy in the sink, use your sprayer or cup to saturate the puppy’s fur with water. Remember to keep the water from the neck down. You don’t want your Bulldog puppy to inhale water, and water in their ears could cause an ear infection.
  2. Rub a small amount of shampoo over your dog’s body, remembering to wash the feet and belly. Bulldogs are prone to dry skin, so you only want to use a tiny amount of shampoo
  3. Pour water from the neck down until the soap is rinsed off.
  4. Use a wet washcloth to gently wipe off your puppy’s face. We don’t use soap on puppies’ faces unless they’re dirty enough to make it necessary.
  5. Use a towel or hair dryer to dry them off. If you use a hair dryer, keep it on low heat or you risk burning your puppy.

If you like, you can finish your puppy’s bath with the rest of your grooming routine.

Do’s and Dont’s

Do: Pour water from the neck down only.

Don’t: Let your water get too hot.

Do: Use a mat to keep your dog from slipping.

Don’t: Leave your puppy alone in the sink.

Do: Use a shampoo intended for dogs.

Don’t: Bathe your puppy before they go somewhere cold.