Does Your English Bulldog Need A Dog Walker?

Is it essential to hire a dog walker for your English Bulldog?




When it comes to hiring a dog walker, it depends on your situation and how much time you can afford to give your dog.

The problem is that many of our adopters live in the city, and urban life is busy. If you have a Bulldog and spend most of your time at work, you won’t be able to provide for your dog’s needs without some help.



1. Potty Training

Having someone who can take them potty during the day is essential. If your dog learns to pee in a crate, it will be much harder for them to potty train, if not impossible. If you have someone in your household who can take a dog potty and give them a chance to exercise during the day, then you don’t need a dog walker. However, if your dog is going to be alone for long periods, a dog walker may be the solution.



2. Social benefits

In addition to the physical benefits like exercise and potty training, a dog walker also gives your dog a wider social circle. For a well-rounded dog, the goal is to have a wide range of social experiences before they are three.

A dog walker adds another person to their social circle and gives them a chance to get out of the house during the day and experience new things.



3. Offloading responsibility

Even if you have the time to take care of your dog during the day, life is busy. You may not have the time to do anything more than a quick trip outside to potty. Or, devoting more time to walks would mean sacrificing time from the other tasks on your schedule.

A dog walker would allow you to remove one of those tasks and, in doing so, free up time for other, more meaningful interactions with your Bulldog.



4. Doing what’s best for your dog

The bottom line is that your dog needs to have its needs met every day. If your job, health, family, or anything else is preventing you from meeting those needs, then hire a dog walker. 

That will allow you to provide the best care to your Bulldog and make things better for both of you.