Bruiser Bulldog Waitlist

Joining our waitlist:

If your family is looking for a specific timeframe to get a puppy or we do not have any puppies available you will want to join our waitlist.

A waitlist deposit allows you to request a specific month/year to get a puppy or puts you in line for our next available litter (you get to make your pick before the puppies go up on the website).

We do still require a verbal Interview for our waitlist –adoption questionnaires have historically been a responsible dog breeder’s “go to” for getting to know a potential adopter.   Over the years, we have found that almost all adopters, both good and bad, know the correct answers to an adopter form.  In reality, effective screenings are much more nuanced than a static form allows for.  For this reason, we believe verbal interaction via a phone conversation really cannot be beat. Potential English Bulldog puppy adopters should expect to talk about work schedule, family/pet structure, and expectations to ensure a Bruiser Bulldog is the best fit for your family. Please call us! 574-538-1409

Deposit – We require a non-refundable $500 deposit to join our waitlist.