Why The Overdone, Heavy Wrinkled Bulldog Is Killing The Breed.

The foundation that drives our breeding program is health. If you have spent any time at all researching the bulldog breed, it is certain you have come across the statement that the bulldog has many “health issues” and is a complex dog to care for; “but what are these health issues?”. Our first step in creating a healthy bulldog is to actually define and address the major “health issues” the bulldog suffers from.

One of the most glaring issues that the bulldog breed suffers from is breathing issues. As we know, many bulldogs famously suffer from breathing issues that hinder their ability to function on an every day basis. One of the primary reasons for heat stroke in the hot summer months is due to the inability of the bulldog to breath properly.

A closer examination of the bulldogs suffering from breathing issues reveals that the over done, heavy roped bulldogs are much more susceptible to these issues.

The extra wrinkly bulldog, typically will have a shorter snout that turns upward towards the forehead. This creates numerous issues, the first being the elongated soft palate. The shorter snout pushes the soft palate down towards the trachea, which takes air to the lungs, and will block the flow of air. Essentially, the palate is crammed into a smaller amount of space and is thus forced to block the trachea. An elongated soft palate is a terrible condition for a bulldog to suffer from and often causes gagging, throwing up recently eaten food, constant gurgled breathing, and a heightened risk of heat stroke.


palate diagram

An overdone, wrinkly bulldog will also struggle with sinus pressure from their heavy nose rope. This pressure is yet again another feature that prevents the flow of air from the nose to the lungs.

Our solution to these issues is to create a bulldog that has a light wrinkle set and a slightly extended nose. This is one of the defining characteristics of our bulldogs and it molds how we look at bulldogs. When we see an overdone bulldog, our response is one of sorrow knowing that it is a walking health problem waiting to happen. The overdone bulldog should simply not be bred due to these issues. The problem is that an extra wrinkly bulldog can often fetch upwards of $4000 because the adopter thinks the puppy looks “unique” and “extremely cute”. With this kind of financial reward , the overdone bulldog will continue to threaten the very existence of the breed.


The light wrinkle set and slightly extended nose on our bulldogs are certainly a great foundation to correcting the elongated soft palate issues but it is not the only thing we do to ensure our bulldogs are free of this issue. We are firm believers in testing every parent for genetic issues and the soft palate is no different. Each of our bulldogs undergoes a manual examination or radiograph of their palate structure to ensure they do not carry the issue nor pass the condition to their offspring.