Why Sloppy Biosecurity Practices Can Put Your New Puppy At Risk

why sloppy biosecurity practices can put your new puppy at risk

There are always moments in life that you will never forget.  Points in time, that are so important that you remember every detail.  One of those moments is when you bring your English Bulldog puppy home for the very first time.  There truly is nothing like the excitement that fills a home with a brand new puppy. 

Imagine the devastation for many families when their new puppy becomes sick only days after coming home. It replaces puppy kisses and playtime with vet hospitals and worry.  The transition period from breeder to adopter home is one of the riskiest times in a bulldog puppy’s life. 

Often the stress and increased exposure of going to a new home will act as a last straw of consequence from a litany of mistakes that the breeder has made.  Dog breeders are notorious for cutting corners to decrease effort and increase sales opportunity often both knowingly and unknowingly putting the very puppies they are raising at risk.

One of the mistakes most uneducated English Bulldog breeders make is focusing on sales instead of raising their puppies properly.  English Bulldog breeders will often allow for a continuous stream of potential adopters to visit and handle their newborn puppies in hopes of generating leads and sales.  An open-door policy quite possibly increases sales opportunities but at what cost?  Each puppy that is eventually adopted has been handled and exposed to countless viral infections. 

What is the risk for a new puppy?

Most breeders with open-door policies will allow visits before the puppies get all their vaccinations, further increasing disease pressure.  Kennel Cough, Canine Influenza, and Parvo all carry extended incubation periods.  Many an unsuspecting adopter has taken home a bulldog puppy that has been exposed to a virus by the breeder but is not symptomatic.  Once the puppy becomes sick, the adopter is left scratching their head and blaming themselves for their bulldog’s misfortune. 

Here at Bruiser Bulldogs, we believe in placing our bulldog puppy’s health and well-being as our first priority.  We are mindful of the tension of finding homes for our bulldogs while protecting them from exposure.  That’s why we make a commitment to each adopter. A plethora of customers has not and will not handle their puppy before it goes home.  We are not and never will be a pet store.  The moment we start to act like a pet store is the moment we will stop breeding.  

How are we reducing the risk?

Our goal is to limit the foot traffic in our house to serious adopters that have placed deposits with an intent to purchase one of our bulldog puppies.  We don’t allow anyone to handle a puppy until they have received two sets of vaccinations and are at least 9 weeks of age.  Additionally, we will only let our bulldog puppy for sale go to their new home once our vet gives approval. 

These types of policies really come down to two things: our bulldogs and the adopters that commit to them.  Both are extremely important to us and deserve protection.  If that special moment ever comes that you find yourself in our home, picking up a Bruiser Bulldog puppy, we want to be able to look you in the eye and give you the healthiest bulldog puppy that we possibly can. 


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