What is the most important ingredient for successful bulldog breeding?

What is the most important ingredient for successful bulldog breeding?

Occasionally I am asked what the single most important factor in producing healthy, English Bulldog puppies is. My answer is always the same, the stud. Having a line of studs that consistently produces high quality Bulldog puppies is by far the highest priority in our breeding program.


Because the ratio of females to males in a breeding program is typically 3:1 or greater, the impact of each male within the breeding program is significantly greater than each individual, female English Bulldog. A single stud can quickly change the direction and health of the entire breeding program in a short time. Further, because a stud dog can donate his semen several times a month to different females, reproduction data can be multiplied at a rapid pace. This ability allows a diligent breeder to create statistical correlations between each stud and the quality of puppies he produces. The stud’s ability to rapidly produce offspring creates clarity in a breeding program. Each stud dog’s weaknesses and strengths become known and obvious very quickly. This clarity allows a good breeder to make quick adjustments and accurate breeding decisions to improve the bloodlines and create healthier puppies.


In light of this explanation of the importance of the stud in a breeding program, I wanted to introduce our current top stud dog Attom. If there ever was an ideal bulldog that represents our breeding program here at Bruiser Bulldogs, it would be Attom.  Attom’s physical make up is as sound as any bulldog you will lay eyes on.




An accurate description of Attom should always start with his superb health and  the healthy puppies that he throws.  Attom’s ability and ease of breathing as an English Bulldog is his most unique feature.  Three structural factors all contribute to his ease of breathing. First, Attom has an extremely large trachea.  Several vets have noted that his trachea is the largest in diameter they have ever seen among English Bulldogs.  If you look at his pictures closely you will notice that Attom also has a wide set of nostrils that allow air to pass easily through the nose.  Lastly, Attom does not suffer from the elongated soft palate that many bulldogs are plagued with.  This quality frees the larynx area of his throat from congestion and flem.




Another feature that sets Attom apart from other bulldog’s is his athletic structure. Attom’s athleticism allows him to have the functionality needed to run, play, and participate in outdoor activities even in the hot summer.  His fast metabolism keeps weight and pressure off of his patellas and hips, thus reducing the risk of future joint issues that many bulldogs struggle with. Attom also has a set of healthy eyes that are free from cherry eye, entropion, and distichia and is free of heart issues within his genetic pedigree.


As a stud, both Attom’s sperm count and motility level have been rated excellent. He is known for producing puppies with a high survival drive without genetic defects that are good breathing, healthy bulldogs.




Attom’s superb health profile is complimented by his playful and loving personality. He loves people and other animals. Here at Bruiser Bulldogs we understand that Attom is a special bulldog and that he provides that rare combination of health and a great personality. Because we place great value in our stud dogs, Attom is one of the most important bulldogs we have in our mission to produce healthy, happy English Bulldog puppies.