The Best Toys for Your Bulldog



What are the best toys for a bulldog?

People often ask us about toy selection for our young bulldog puppies.  When you choose toys for your Bulldog, it’s important to remember that every puppy has unique preferences. But, a few general recommendations can be made that are typically accurate of most bulldog toy preferences. We can break down appropriate toy selections according to the age of the bulldog. 

Toys for 8 Weeks

Young, English Bulldog puppies prefer to have a wide variety of toys.  A shotgun approach to toy purchasing is strategic as you zero in on the specific preferences of your bulldog.  Toy selection in this age group can be lower in quality. Young bulldog puppies are not yet strong enough to destroy or pull apart a moderate, quality toy. 

Stuffed animals, ropes, blankets, and squeaker toys are all great options for bulldog puppies within the 8  to 14 week age range.  These types of toys provide comfort that simulates on some level the physical contact they experience with littermates.  We recommend avoiding any stuffed animal with sewn-on buttons or removable objects as they are possible choking hazards.  Many a bulldog puppy has undergone emergency surgery to remove swallowed objects from their intestines. 



Toys for 14 Weeks

As your English Bulldog puppy reaches the 14 weeks and older range upgrades in toy selection are appropriate.  Higher quality brands such as Kong or Bullymake design toys that are able to withstand the strength of a growing bulldog.  We particularly like the Kong Classic, Kong Wubba, and the Bullymake Bow Tie offered in their subscription service. 

Toys for 16 Weeks

Around 16 to 20 weeks of age your English Bulldog puppy will begin teething.  This is the process where they lose their baby teeth and their adult teeth begin to come in.  Moderate swelling and low-level discomfort are typical of a teething bulldog.  Bulldog puppies will also begin to increase their chewing levels during this phase.  There are a number of different toy options for a teething bulldog puppy.  Our go-to toy for a teething puppy is the Kong Puppy Goodie Bone.  Unlike other Kong toys, the Goodie Bone is softer in texture and allows a puppy to really sink their teeth into the toy.  The softer rubber eases the aches and pains of teething and provides a model for proper chewing behavior when the temptation to be destructive is the greatest. 

We also recommend deer and elk antlers specifically for the teething phase.  Antlers have come under fire in the past five years as being potentially hazardous to a young puppy.  This has not been our experience as a genuine high-quality antler isn’t the same thing as rawhide or other dangerous chew toys.  An antler is sometimes the only toy object that will satisfy a particularly uncomfortable puppy that is bent on destruction.  Antlers are durable to the point that they can withstand even the most aggressive chewing habits of an English Bulldog puppy.  It is important to monitor your bulldog from time to time to ensure their teeth are not damaged from antler chews. 


Hopefully, these recommendations help you understand the changing toy preferences of your bulldog puppy and how to prepare for them!