Finding a Good Vet for a Healthy Bulldog

Finding a good vet for a healthy bulldog

Every pet owner needs to find a good vet to make sure their pet stays as healthy as possible. For an English Bulldog owner, there is an added layer of complexity.

Because  Bulldogs commonly have health issues, many vets have the policy to perform surgeries on things like pinched nostrils. Bulldogs also have more problems with anesthesia. In the case that they do need surgery, too much anesthesia can be dangerous.

We have spent years breeding Bulldogs who are healthy. That means they are less likely to need surgery for pinched nostrils. That’s why we recommend finding a Bulldog specialist or a vet who sees a lot of them. Someone who is familiar with Bulldogs will know what they should and shouldn’t look like. They are less likely to misdiagnose your dog based on stereotypes and will know how to use the right amount of anesthesia if they do need to perform surgery.

Finding options

First, figure out your criteria. How far you are willing to drive? What you will pay? What experience you are looking for?

Then, find some options that fit your criteria. I recommend including the options that don’t fit all of the criteria on your list. That way, if you can’t find a practice that’s perfect for you, you don’t need to start your search all over again.

To find options, you can google local vets, ask for recommendations from a friend with an English Bulldog, or call us. We know a lot of Bulldog owners. We may be able to help you find a good vet in your area.

Once you’ve found an option look over their website, and check reviews. If you’re not sure about a vet, call and ask how many bulldogs they see. A vet that doesn’t see many Bulldogs isn’t the best option.


Give the vet you found a try. If you don’t like them, you can always keep looking until you find the vet that’s right for you.