Collar vs. Harness

Collar vs. Harness

The question comes up all of the time. “Should I use a harness or a collar for my new bulldog?” Bulldog owners often wonder which style is the most comfortable, safe, and effective for their bulldog. The answer is actually somewhere in the middle. Both collars and harnesses are specific and useful tools that are effective in their own unique situations.
Although collars are typically the most common attire for dogs in general , they may not be the best choice for all of your dog’s activities. Here are some tips that you can use as a guide when you are choosing between a collar and harness.
Uses for a Harness
Here at Bruiser Bulldogs we recommend a harness for leashed activities, especially if your bully pulls while walking or you need to have extra control. Given the bulldog’s unique physique, with its neck often times being nearly as wide as its head, a harness will provide a level of safety and control for your bulldog that a collar cannot. If your stubborn bully decides to suddenly throw it in reverse while on a walk, even a snug collar will be prone to slip off. In contrast, a harness wraps around the bulldog’s wide chest and legs, ensuring that even the most stubborn bulldogs are safely secured. A bulldog is less likely to be injured in a harness as the force is distributed to the stronger parts of their body and the risk of injury to the neck, spine and windpipe are greatly lowered. A harness is also a more gentle tool to control your bully if your walking partner has not yet mastered a refined heel at your side. The harness tugs at less sensitive but more controllable areas of the bully’s body like the chest and side instead of pulling at the neck area as the collar is prone to do. In addition a harness can act as a great tool for training especially when using a front clip harness (this type is only to be used for training purposes NOT for long term use).


Uses for a Collar
Use your fun, quirky, fashionable, bedazzled, or sophisticated collar for you bulldog’s ID and rabies tags. Our recommendation for a collar is quite simple; use it for identification, everyday living and when your bully is under voice command, not on a leash! Most importantly do not use your everyday collar for activities that will cause strain or pressure on a bulldog’s neck. Even if your bulldog is an excellent walker, you never know when a squirrel or bunny will race past you causing your bully to make an unexpected quick move.
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