Information You Should Know About Your

American Bulldog


As high quality American Bulldog breeders, we take great pride in two primary responsibilities: raising great bulldogs and educating our adopters. We first strive to raise healthy, beautiful and happy American Bulldog puppies for responsible adopters. This is our true love. The entire process is a beautiful experience from the first breath of our baby bulldogs to watching each puppy find a family that truly falls in love with them. We love watching as our bulldogs become part of each family over time. This is one reason we enjoy staying in contact with our adopters through social media sites like Facebook and through e-mail. Our adopters know we are only a text, instant message, e-mail or phone call away. Our second responsibility as high quality American Bulldog breeders is to educate. This is one of the areas that sets up apart! Adopters need to know what to expect when potentially bringing a bulldog into their family. We like to inform our adopters how to care for their new bulldog from a social, physical, and dietary perspective. The American Bulldog is unlike any other breed. They have huge personalities that are absolutely a joy to be around. We always say once you have owned an American Bulldog you certainly will be an AB lover for life. While the American Bulldog is truly a special breed, their mere size and protective nature requires a breeder that is an expert in socialization. Every American Bulldog owner needs a breeder that understands how to mold and train their American Bulldog puppy into a well socialized and confident dog. Adopters that purchase a Bruiser Bulldog are properly equipped to care for their new bulldog puppy on the highest level Below is some additional information that you will want to know about the breed as well as our bulldogs In particular, Enjoy!





Bulldogs in England were originally working dogs who drove and caught cattle and guarded their masters’ property. At one time, the breed was used in the grueling sport of bull baiting. With the outlawing of the sport in England in 1835, the original type of Bulldog, most closely resembling the current American Bulldog, disappeared from Britain and was replaced with the less athletic dog we now know as the English Bulldog. Yet the original Bulldog was preserved by immigrants who brought their working dogs with them to the American South. By the end of World War II, the last remnants of the working English Bulldog, that resembles today’s American Bulldog, were disappearing in the U.S. However, thanks to the breeding programs of John D. Johnson and Allen Scott, the breed was brought back from the brink of extinction. Two basic types of American Bulldogs emerged from the first twenty years of registered breeding. Mr. Scott selected for the best cattle and hog-catching dogs. Mr. Johnson selected for big, bully dogs with high protection drive. Though starting with much of the same stock, one can easily see how the lines would quickly diverge into the courageous and agile “Scott” or “Standard” type dogs and the impressive, often more protective “Johnson” or “Bully” type dogs. Both forms of American Bulldog puppies have their attributes and their weaknesses. Mr. Johnson has strayed away from his original look to produce a bigger boned more English looking bulldog. The Bully-type of American Bulldog puppy has grown immensely in popularity in recent years due to their large size, impressive, blocky looks, and protective nature. Alan Scott worked on his strain of dogs until around 1980 when his lines were continued by other breeders, including Joe Painter, Steve LeClerc and Mr. Williamson. These Standard-type bulldog breeders selected for agility, gameness, and/or ability to catch bulls and wild hogs . Many of these dogs can run for miles, jump readily over a 5-foot fence, catch a wild boar with a minimum of injury to themselves, and tolerate the hottest weather without a problem. They tend to be quite muscular and are often sound and powerful in the hindquarters. The last decade has galvanized the modern American Bulldog into three types: bully, standard, and hybrid. Those who want the best of both the bully and standard dogs have crossed the extremes and developed a middle ground, or hybrid-type AB. The “hybrid” dogs have predominated in the West, largely due to the efforts of Kyle Symmes, who began crossing Johnson and Painter dogs in the early 1980′s. Because of the athleticism, vigor, and looks of this type of dog, many believe that they are the best representatives of the breed and have followed in his footsteps.



What your American Bulldog Should Look Like:


We strive for a heavy, thick set and well balanced body on our American Bulldogs. Our AB’s are loaded with rippled muscle yet still carry themselves with agility and athleticism. A Bruiser Bulldog American Bulldog must have a big powerful jaw and head along with a large, square chest. We like the look of our American Bulldogs to be friendly and not intimidating. The American Bulldog is family dog and should look the part. One of the interesting aspects of our AB’s is the size difference between our males and females. Our males generally top out around 115-120 pounds while our females finish out under 90 pounds.




What your American Bulldog

Should Act Like:



The trait that most stands out among an American Bulldog is their loyalty and love of the family. There can’t be enough said about this quality. It sets the breed apart from almost any other breed of dog. When you adopt one of our American Bulldogs, you are theirs to love, care for, stand by in hard times and to protect. Your American Bulldog will be connected to you for life. There is no more loyal breed than the American Bulldog. Also within this heroic companion is a complete goofball. The American Bulldog has a full personality and is a playful companion. Our American Bulldogs love to play fetch, tug o war, swim, and hike. They are an active breed that enjoys the outdoors and exercise. Complimenting this trait is their ability to unwind. Our American Bulldogs love to cuddle and relax around the house. They are great to watch a Sunday football game or lay next to you as you read a book. If you are looking for a lovable, playful, and loyal dog the American Bulldog is just the breed for you.







    The predominant coloring within our bloodlines is white and brindle which produces beautiful puppies. The occasional, all white puppy occurs often as well. We have also begun to develop some rare colors within our bloodlines as well. In recent litters we have had colors that include reverse brindle, chocolate, fawn, blue brindle and blue fawn.




Other Pets and Children:





Most American Bulldogs do great with other pets especially if they are introduced at a young age. If you are a current dog owner it is best to choose the opposite sex when selecting your new AB puppy. The American Bulldog often struggles when they compete with a fellow same sex dog in the same house. The American Bulldog should also be introduced to children at a young age as well. The breed will do great around children as long as they are socialized as young puppies. For this reason, it is increasingly important to select a breeder that understands socialization and has implemented a program to socialize the puppy as they grow.







The American Bulldog breed does a great job balancing protection and reliability. By nature, the American Bulldog provides a high level of protection simply due to their size and muscle bound body. The American Bulldog is also a great watch dog and will notify you when someone is at the door or in the driveway. With that said, our AB’s do a great job of turning their protective nature off as soon as their owner gives lets them know everything is ok. This ability to turn off their protective nature is from both genetic selection and a comprehensive socialization program. Breeders that do not properly socialize their American Bulldogs will often struggle creating that balance of protection and reliability. Above all, the socialized American Bulldog is trustworthy and can be counted on to be a gentle giant around the family.



  American Bulldogs love to exercise. Whether you want to play catch, hike, or go for a long walk your American Bulldog will be up for it. At Bruiser Bulldogs we like to do many different activities with our AB’s and they are almost always up for it.



 Common to many large breeds, American Bulldogs can be prone to hip dysplasia and other joint issues. Bruiser Bulldogs has largely been able to stay away from these types of problems by carefully analyzing genetic health history in the dogs we breed. The breed also struggles with skin allergies from time to time. Much of these problems can be traced back to nutrition. An informed dietary change can usually solve most skin issues. Overall, the breed is extremely healthy and does not suffer from major health issues.