Reservation Process

Are you looking for a bulldog to add to your family in the near future but not ready right now?   Our reservation waiting list is a very popular option for families that are planning a bulldog addition down the road.  A $300 non-refundable deposit will get you on the list and allow you to start planning on your new bulldog arrival. 

Deposits can be made through a variety of payments that include checks, money order, credit card or paypal.  Once an adopter’s deposit is in they are notified and asked to provide some details about the “type” of bulldog puppy they are looking for.  Specifics such as color, sex, personality, and home environment are all key factors in finding the perfect bulldog puppy. 

We take great pride in knowing each bulldog puppy and their unique personality traits to better help our adopters find a bulldog that will fit into their unique environment.  We certainly do not make our adopters choose a specific puppy, but almost everyone welcomes the additional information.  We do appreciate our adopters that plan ahead and have thought out their purchase of a bulldog puppy for some time and encourage you to contact us if you are considering placing a reservation deposit.

Why Reservation Deposits Are A Great Idea

  • Pick of the litter:  As you move up on our waiting list you will have the opportunity to choose the pick of the litter as well as the option to view multiple litters until you find your perfect bulldog!

  •  Time to plan:  Time and preparation are always needed when preparing for a new addition.  A reservation deposit clarifies when you can expect your new arrival and gives you time to puppy proof your home.

  • You are our priority:  We will strive to find you the perfect bulldog that matches your expectations and home environment.


Things you should know about our reservation deposits

  •  The $300 reservation deposit goes toward the final payment of the bulldog puppy.  You are not charged an additional $300 to be on our waiting list!

  •   Reservation deposits can be made through many different payment options including: paypal, credit card, check, or money order

  •   Your reservation deposit is a non-refundable commitment to purchase one of our adorable bulldog puppies. In the rare case that an adopter changes their mind about adopting a puppy after he/she has already been paid for and transportation arranged there will be a $100 cancellation fee.