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American Bulldog Excellence

Excellence is found in the details. Bruiser Bulldogs kennel specializes in producing

high quality American bulldog puppies by focusing on the little things. Little things

like pristine conformation, historical health records, and well balanced personalities.

Our kennel is known for producing American Bulldog puppies for sale that represent

our core breeding values. These values can be broken down into four segments:

body, temperament, health and companionship. Our goal is for all of our American

Bulldog puppies to possess high markings in each of these areas.





At the forefront of our American Bulldog breeding program is a firm devotion to the health of our American Bulldog bloodlines. This

devotion is a movement towards progressively improving the health of our American Bulldogs from one generation to the next. We

are firm believers of doing our homework. We conduct extensive research of each American Bulldog adult that we enter into our

breeding program. We look at each bulldog’s pedigree and its ancestors’ health history. We contact previous owner’s and create a

health profile of each American Bulldog to ensure that we are improving our American Bulldog bloodlines and the American Bulldog

puppies that we produce.





While health is at the forefront of Bruiser Bulldog’s breeding program. Our

American Bulldogs are best known for their athletic, muscle bound bodies.

We demand a thick back and neck with muscle packed on the hindquarters.

Muscle definition must be evident throughout the body. Our American

Bulldog puppies for sale will be begin to show signs of muscle and bulk at

a very early age. Complimenting the muscle and bulk is extreme athleticism.

A big American Bulldog without the ability to run and jump is not attractive.

Too often American Bulldogs lack the ability to move fluidly and are tied down

by their muscle. A Bruiser American Bulldog is much like a linebacker in

football; being fast, powerful and mobile. Anything less than this standard

creates an American Bulldog body that is severely lacking. Our American

Bulldogs truly present the complete package!




luna3Another characteristic at the forefront of our American Bulldog

breeding program is proper temperament. We want our

American Bulldogs to be confident, loyal, reliable and

determined. American Bulldog puppies begin to show their

personalities at a very young age and need to be molded and

socialized towards a proper demeanor. Genetics also play a

large part in desirable temperaments. Similar to breeding for

healthy bulldogs, we create personality profiles of each

American Bulldog adult and match them to a mate that will

enhance the bloodline’s overall temperament quality. Our two

pronged approach of socialization and genetic selection have

allowed our American Bulldog puppies for sale to score very

high on temperament and personality testing.










The characteristic that truly ties everything together for us is the element of companionship. All of our American Bulldogs simply love people. Some ask why we separate companionship from temperament within our breeding program. Our response is that a quality temperament does not always guarantee a companion. We believe this is a distinct trait. Our American Bulldog puppies for sale must simply be the perfect companion. This means an American Bulldog that is always by your side; an American Bulldog that will snuggle up on the couch with you. It even means an American Bulldog that protects the family and is willing to lay down its life for you. A true companion is sometimes hard to classify or easily see within a breeding program, but when we look  into each of our American Bulldogs we see a dog that truly is man’s best friend and that is the most important thing of all.

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